January 17, 2012

A Snowy Walk

It was snowing heavily most of the day today. Just before sundown though, the clouds all cleared off. I was doing some homework and was not really into it, so I packed up my gear and jumped in the car. My destination was Mount Douglas, a small mountain/large hill surrounded by a park. Never having walked up it before, I set off. Turns out it is a lot steeper and a lot taller than I thought.

After stopping a few times for photos, I finally reached the top. The view of Victoria is stunning. The whole city is laid out before you, and even across the water, Port Angeles is easily seen. I spent quite a while taking some photos, then headed back down. It seemed even steeper on the way down. And slippier. About two thirds of the way down, unable to slow down because of the ice, I tried to turn towards the side of the wide path, but it was not to be. I executed a picture perfect cartoon slipping on ice and landing on my bum.

The moral of the story is, if you are going to go up Mt Doug at night after it has snowed then cleared off, and frozen, either stick to the side of the path, or wear crampons.

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